We never test the resources of God until we attempt the impossible.

F.B. Meyer

It is defeat that turns bone to flint; it is defeat that turns gristle to muscle; it is defeat that makes men invincible. Do not then be afraid of defeat. You are never so near to victory as when defeated in a good cause.

Henry Ward Beecher

Questions for Small Group Study

Chapter 18 – Perseverance

  1. (Note: This is a long and tedious chapter. The author seriously considered leaving it out. If the chapter is of value to you, he will know he did the right thing by including it.) Briefly glance through the long list of things that the church went through in attempting to construct its church building. When have you ever felt like that in your own life? When have you faced seemingly unending obstacles? How did you make it through?
  2. Review Luke 12:6-7. If God has numbered the hairs of your head, what does that say about His being faithful to you through all the hard times?

On page 185 read the personal declaration.