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 GOD Will See YOU Through This

26 Lessons I Learned from the Father through the Joys and Hurts of Everyday Life

Author: James L. Garlow

In my stories, my prayer is that you will see a bit of your story too. And as I said above, my purpose in writing is not to focus on me but on God. Specifically, that even in the worst of times, the most painful “this” seasons, God is there. For you, and for me.

My story here will cover twenty-six lessons that God taught me through some of life’s toughest experiences. There were many more principles, but I chose these twenty-six for now.

And what did I learn from this? That God has, does, and will get me through this!

And what’s more—and most exciting—is that God doesn’t want to just help me survive, but thrive. And He will do the same for you. He wants to heal you and bring you to a place way beyond your “this”—to a place where you live out His destiny for your life!

God Will See You Through This Book


God Will See You Through This Preface
Mortality Chapter 1
Community Chapter 2
Family Chapter 3
Anointing Chapter 4
Transformation Chapter 5
Character Chapter 6
Love Chapter 7
Standards Chapter 8
Permanence Chapter 9
Adoption Chapter 10
Revelation Chapter 11
Seeking Chapter 12
Fatherhood Chapter 13
Affirmation Chapter 14
Completion Chapter 15
Friendship Chapter 16
Reliance Chapter 17
Perseverance Chapter 18
Steadfastness Chapter 19
Resolve Chapter 20
Servanthood Chapter 21
Survival Chapter 22
Honoring Chapter 23
Value Chapter 24
Resurgence Chapter 25
Restoration Chapter 26
God Will See You Through This Afterword

“We all learn from the life we live, but my dear friend and extraordinary spiritual leader Jim Garlow seems to have learned a lot more than most of us! His is a life well-lived and well-learned and he shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of it
in his delightful and insightful book. From the highest mountains to the eepest valleys, Jim Garlow has walked it, lived it, and now shares it in a practical way that will satisfy those who ask, ‘What’s in there for ME?’ Plenty, my friend! This book isn’t about Jim—it’s about YOU. You can thank me later for putting you onto this practical and powerful message!”

Mike Huckabee

—Author, TV show host, and former Arkansas Governor

“I have known Dr. Garlow for over a decade, including the season of life in which his wife died. Every person has highs and lows. But the key is to learn not merely from the joys and successes of life, but to learn in the moments of pain and failure as well. In God Will See You Through This, Jim accomplishes this, which is why you should read it.”

Newt Gingrich

—Author and former U.S. House Speaker