Questions for Small Group Study


  1. In this unique section, the author makes it clear that the pains which we suffer build character into our life and will not simply be lost as we move into eternity. He contends that the qualities we developed through suffering in this life, we will actually use the in the life hereafter. How does that strike you?
  2. Review 2 Timothy 2:12. What do you think it is saying?
  3. Review Revelation 5:10. What do you think it is saying?
  4. Review 1 Corinthians 6:3. What is that saying?
  5. Review Psalm 8:6. What is that saying?
  6. Review Daniel 7:18. What is that saying?
  7. Review Matthew 5:5. What is it saying?
  8. Review Luke 19:17. What is that saying?
  9. The author makes the case that when the great marriage occurs at the close of history, and Jesus and the Church are “married,” we, as the Church, are going to rule and reign with Him. What does that mean? What might that look like? The author refers to Paul Bilheimer’s book titled Don’t Waste Your Sorrows. Is there a sense in which you are at times wasting your sorrows by not allowing God to really build into your life those things that will be used for eternity?
  10. Spend time praying over each other right now.